Reasons why you should mind your own business

Perhaps everyone of us has come across some persons, incorrectly perceived as a little grotesque, who don’t like to talk too much. There are some people who can’t hold their tongue, irritate people by talking nonsense talks and never miss a chance to exasperate people by poking their dirty nose into people’s personal matters. Then, there are some sensible people who never invade other people’s privacy, do not hop as an intruder into others’ conversation and who prefer keeping it to themselves. I understand that people are different and so are their personalities, but it beats me why there’s a need to feign concern or simply to be aware of everything going on in others’ lives.





I, myself, don’t like to predominantly dominate a conversation alone. I hate to be around incessantly screeching chirping on things that don’t make sense at all. I’d rather prefer reading something than being a part of an utterly unproductive conversation. Dear pesky, garrulous folks, GET OUT OF THE TOWN! I have a hard time refraining my pupils from casting disparaging eyes on such creatures.

Hereunder are some benefits of minding your own business-:


  • You enjoy an idyllic time


The extent of drama and bad terms with people are dependent upon the number of people you mingle with in your life. When you mind your own business, you can enjoy an idyllic time with yourself, altogether away from unpleasant hymns, which, of course, amount to nothing but utter disrespect to preciousness of time.


  • Lets you not become a scapegoat


When you speak too much, without subconsciously vetting what you speak, there’s a high probability of you being stuck in an ugly situation. Also, don’t expect anything from people. They assiduously trap you in a situation that is unwanted and harmful for you. Remember, people don’t mind sabotaging one’s happiness and peace if it makes them happy or puts them on a safer side. So don’t let yourself turn into a scapegoat at the hands of people.


  • Makes you independent


Why be dependent on talking constantly to people for happiness, satisfaction and for spending time? People who don’t indulge in unceasing talks and stay quiet are those who don’t need to unnecessarily loiter around people to get their things done through their support. They have the confidence of doing things on their own.


  • Lets you explore yourself


Do quietness and monotony of meager interactions make you feel jaded? Resting quiet is really not akin to a drudgery. Rather, it’s the best way to introspect deep inside, figure out your strengths and weaknesses, and fix your flaws.


  • Makes you look more attractive


Reticent persons are always portrayed as ‘Keen Observers’. It’s hard to prize out words from their mouth, but their charm increases manifolds when they speak, fascinating you with every single word flowing from their mouth. What makes them more attractive is their intellectually stimulating conversations. There’s always some kind of magical mystery revolving around their presence.



So, promulgate among people your unique preference of not being open to stupid talks by your acts of quietness. At the end, I would suggest you to try to maintain a subtle camaraderie, which doesn’t become too overpowering, while keeping in mind that too much of estranging will rather get better of you.



Image source: Google Images