5 Reasons Why You Should Start Reading

Books are considered to be man’s best friend. The reason behind this is certainly not at all vague. Just like a best friend, books bestow upon us torrent of aid in many ways. One can very easily differentiate between a reader and a non-reader by a mere conversation, even if it’s a small talk. It’s reading that makes a person (reader) different from others (non-readers). You can very well figure out a conspicuous discrepancy between a reader and a non-reader in terms of knowledge, communication skills and outlook. So get yourself some books to devour, and have a look at the following benefits of reading-:





1. Makes you creative

When we emerge ourselves into reading, our mind tends to envisage the story. The more a reader plunges deeper into the story, the more his ability to imagine strengthens. Furthermore, a strong ability to initiate imagination makes a reader more creative.


2. Improves language

We keep coming across multiple words, whose meaning we don’t know, while reading a book. As a result, our vocabulary increases manifolds. Different writers have different styles of writing. Reading books helps us express our feelings and ideas more easily into words as we become acquainted with a plethora of new words and various ways of expressions.


3. Sharpens focus

Reading is undoubtedly the best workout for our mind, for it sharpens one’s ability to concentrate. It makes a reader sit, relax and dive into the world of reading. This brain-stimulating mental activity not only improves one’s focus, but also makes one memorize things faster and for longer. So, whenever you get your hands on a book or any piece of writing, don’t squander the chance to read, and start reading it because every time you read, you refine your focus and memory.



 4. Improves knowledge

Reading obviously cracks open the door to knowledge and information. The quality of knowledge you have is directly proportional to the quality of person you are or would become. The kind of ideas that your mind thinks of has the power to shape your future.


 5. Overcomes depression
Reading has proven to mediate relief from anxiety. When you lose yourself into books, you forget your past, pain and mental state, and slip into an unknown world of the story. Moreover, motivational books can play a pivotal role to get the reader out of depression. Many people claim that reading lets them vent their acrimony and stress. Sometimes, some expressions in a book can be resonant to such an extent that it prods you into shifting away from melancholy and depression.


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