Deceit of Ignorance



We envisage the false

and ignore the reality.

This stubborn brain knits bonds,

giving us the warmth

which has humungous cushions of comfort inside.

Shall I tell you what the hazardous part is?

When this malicious comfort sets in,

brings things to head,

and as it’s been happening previously,

you do not break out of the unseen

layer of warmth,

keep yearning for more warmth,

until when this comfort

suffocates you with intolerable coziness.


The Peskiest Boomerang



Bunch of old memories

can act like a boomerang.

You throw it, and it ricochets,

hits you hard in the mind,

corrodes your soul,

makes your body ache with despair.

Even the tinniest remnant holds the

potential to make you confront with

a newly-discovered cowardly personality of you.

To intensify the prolonged suffering,

a thick fog of broken promises

hovers with a crooked smile,

making you struggle to make your

way through jam-packed lanes of memories.

You retaliate against the treacherous

demons of memories,

just to realise that in the end,

you are left with nothing but memories,

and there you are again hit by the boomerang.