Hi, folks! As this is my first blog, I would like to keep it concise and short by encapsulating the reasons why I created a blog. I had been pondering over creating my own blog since a long time, but the main predicament was that I was unable to procure a good idea for writing a blog. Few months back, something, which I think was fortuitous, happened to me. It brought about a change in the way I used to perceive things, especially humans. I call it ‘fortuitous’ because hadn’t that blow struck my life, I wouldn’t have got the motivation that drove me into creating a blog.

     I am just like a pantomath who likes researching  on various topics – renowned personalities, global issues and anything that’s happening around the world. I also like photography from the core of my heart, and I may upload some pictures, albeit not much. If my always-full-of-worries mind is flooded with feelings which need to be shrugged off, I might post my feelings on my blog, for it helps me get rid of unwanted thoughts that disrupt my inner peace. I am looking forward to having an amazing experience writing my blog!