Because Animals Are Better Than Humans


In a world where moral values, already in sparse, are being ignored, it’s too difficult to ransack love and affection in and amongst homo sapiens. It’s apparent that selfishness overshadows selflessness. With my faith in humans and inhumane humanity vanishing like anything, I consider animals the most beautiful creatures God ever structured.


If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and man.

– Mark Twain, American author and humourist


Come rain or shine, they are always ready to play with us and loiter around us when we feel under the weather. Probably, it’s their love & care that help us recuperate sooner than we actually could.




Two months ago, I read a story of a woman who could not choke back her emotions and was sobbing uninterruptedly as she shared how her dog helped her get out of depression. When this lady used to come back to home from her office, her dog used to stand near the windowpane in time accompanied by wagging of tail that continued unabated with fervour, excitement and happiness going unhidden. As soon as she used to open the door, her dog used to jump on her and licked her face all over. He used to run his tongue smoothly on her cheeks to lick her tears of despair and hugged her when she was struck by a panic attack. My belief in animals and their loyalty has increased a thousandfold after reading such an emotive human-animal bond story.



Humans however intelligent can’t become as affectionate and considerate as animals. Animals leave no stone unturned to assuage our anxiety and anger which are, off course, triggered by humans. In consideration, what do we give to them? We don’t show even a smallest sign of shame to commit atrocities as inhumane and barbaric as throwing them from our rooftops, slitting their neck and flinging them across metro station and culling them for tackling their growing attacks on civilians. Where are we going wrong? What turns us into a sinister? Besides, what shoves my anger to its peak is the sad truth that despite undoubted faithfulness  and love that animals show, they are constantly abused, slaughtered and skinned. I don’t see why there’s a need to kill animals when we can very well survive on plants and remain healthy. In many cases, these guiltless animals are skinned when they are conscious!



Coming to hypocrisy surrounding this matter, certain pseudo animal lovers consume meat and don fabric manufactured by animal skin, and claim themselves to be an animal lover. Here, I would want to dispel a common myth- ‘Meat eaters can be animal lovers’. Dear folks, an animal lover never eats animal flesh or consumes anything because of which animals need to be killed.




Animals submerge us into a deluge of love, tenderness and compassion. The only creatures who can shower a plenitude of unconditional love upon stone-hearted humans are animals. Don’t kill them, please! Instead, love them. Even if you can’t, atleast don’t kill them.


Image source: Google Images