Reasons why you should mind your own business

Perhaps everyone of us has come across some persons, incorrectly perceived as a little grotesque, who don’t like to talk too much. There are some people who can’t hold their tongue, irritate people by talking nonsense talks and never miss a chance to exasperate people by poking their dirty nose into people’s personal matters. Then, there are some sensible people who never invade other people’s privacy, do not hop as an intruder into others’ conversation and who prefer keeping it to themselves. I understand that people are different and so are their personalities, but it beats me why there’s a need to feign concern or simply to be aware of everything going on in others’ lives.





I, myself, don’t like to predominantly dominate a conversation alone. I hate to be around incessantly screeching chirping on things that don’t make sense at all. I’d rather prefer reading something than being a part of an utterly unproductive conversation. Dear pesky, garrulous folks, GET OUT OF THE TOWN! I have a hard time refraining my pupils from casting disparaging eyes on such creatures.

Hereunder are some benefits of minding your own business-:


  • You enjoy an idyllic time


The extent of drama and bad terms with people are dependent upon the number of people you mingle with in your life. When you mind your own business, you can enjoy an idyllic time with yourself, altogether away from unpleasant hymns, which, of course, amount to nothing but utter disrespect to preciousness of time.


  • Lets you not become a scapegoat


When you speak too much, without subconsciously vetting what you speak, there’s a high probability of you being stuck in an ugly situation. Also, don’t expect anything from people. They assiduously trap you in a situation that is unwanted and harmful for you. Remember, people don’t mind sabotaging one’s happiness and peace if it makes them happy or puts them on a safer side. So don’t let yourself turn into a scapegoat at the hands of people.


  • Makes you independent


Why be dependent on talking constantly to people for happiness, satisfaction and for spending time? People who don’t indulge in unceasing talks and stay quiet are those who don’t need to unnecessarily loiter around people to get their things done through their support. They have the confidence of doing things on their own.


  • Lets you explore yourself


Do quietness and monotony of meager interactions make you feel jaded? Resting quiet is really not akin to a drudgery. Rather, it’s the best way to introspect deep inside, figure out your strengths and weaknesses, and fix your flaws.


  • Makes you look more attractive


Reticent persons are always portrayed as ‘Keen Observers’. It’s hard to prize out words from their mouth, but their charm increases manifolds when they speak, fascinating you with every single word flowing from their mouth. What makes them more attractive is their intellectually stimulating conversations. There’s always some kind of magical mystery revolving around their presence.



So, promulgate among people your unique preference of not being open to stupid talks by your acts of quietness. At the end, I would suggest you to try to maintain a subtle camaraderie, which doesn’t become too overpowering, while keeping in mind that too much of estranging will rather get better of you.



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5 Reasons Why You Should Start Reading

Books are considered to be man’s best friend. The reason behind this is certainly not at all vague. Just like a best friend, books bestow upon us torrent of aid in many ways. One can very easily differentiate between a reader and a non-reader by a mere conversation, even if it’s a small talk. It’s reading that makes a person (reader) different from others (non-readers). You can very well figure out a conspicuous discrepancy between a reader and a non-reader in terms of knowledge, communication skills and outlook. So get yourself some books to devour, and have a look at the following benefits of reading-:





1. Makes you creative

When we emerge ourselves into reading, our mind tends to envisage the story. The more a reader plunges deeper into the story, the more his ability to imagine strengthens. Furthermore, a strong ability to initiate imagination makes a reader more creative.


2. Improves language

We keep coming across multiple words, whose meaning we don’t know, while reading a book. As a result, our vocabulary increases manifolds. Different writers have different styles of writing. Reading books helps us express our feelings and ideas more easily into words as we become acquainted with a plethora of new words and various ways of expressions.


3. Sharpens focus

Reading is undoubtedly the best workout for our mind, for it sharpens one’s ability to concentrate. It makes a reader sit, relax and dive into the world of reading. This brain-stimulating mental activity not only improves one’s focus, but also makes one memorize things faster and for longer. So, whenever you get your hands on a book or any piece of writing, don’t squander the chance to read, and start reading it because every time you read, you refine your focus and memory.



 4. Improves knowledge

Reading obviously cracks open the door to knowledge and information. The quality of knowledge you have is directly proportional to the quality of person you are or would become. The kind of ideas that your mind thinks of has the power to shape your future.


 5. Overcomes depression
Reading has proven to mediate relief from anxiety. When you lose yourself into books, you forget your past, pain and mental state, and slip into an unknown world of the story. Moreover, motivational books can play a pivotal role to get the reader out of depression. Many people claim that reading lets them vent their acrimony and stress. Sometimes, some expressions in a book can be resonant to such an extent that it prods you into shifting away from melancholy and depression.


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Because Animals Are Better Than Humans


In a world where moral values, already in sparse, are being ignored, it’s too difficult to ransack love and affection in and amongst homo sapiens. It’s apparent that selfishness overshadows selflessness. With my faith in humans and inhumane humanity vanishing like anything, I consider animals the most beautiful creatures God ever structured.


If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and man.

– Mark Twain, American author and humourist


Come rain or shine, they are always ready to play with us and loiter around us when we feel under the weather. Probably, it’s their love & care that help us recuperate sooner than we actually could.




Two months ago, I read a story of a woman who could not choke back her emotions and was sobbing uninterruptedly as she shared how her dog helped her get out of depression. When this lady used to come back to home from her office, her dog used to stand near the windowpane in time accompanied by wagging of tail that continued unabated with fervour, excitement and happiness going unhidden. As soon as she used to open the door, her dog used to jump on her and licked her face all over. He used to run his tongue smoothly on her cheeks to lick her tears of despair and hugged her when she was struck by a panic attack. My belief in animals and their loyalty has increased a thousandfold after reading such an emotive human-animal bond story.



Humans however intelligent can’t become as affectionate and considerate as animals. Animals leave no stone unturned to assuage our anxiety and anger which are, off course, triggered by humans. In consideration, what do we give to them? We don’t show even a smallest sign of shame to commit atrocities as inhumane and barbaric as throwing them from our rooftops, slitting their neck and flinging them across metro station and culling them for tackling their growing attacks on civilians. Where are we going wrong? What turns us into a sinister? Besides, what shoves my anger to its peak is the sad truth that despite undoubted faithfulness  and love that animals show, they are constantly abused, slaughtered and skinned. I don’t see why there’s a need to kill animals when we can very well survive on plants and remain healthy. In many cases, these guiltless animals are skinned when they are conscious!



Coming to hypocrisy surrounding this matter, certain pseudo animal lovers consume meat and don fabric manufactured by animal skin, and claim themselves to be an animal lover. Here, I would want to dispel a common myth- ‘Meat eaters can be animal lovers’. Dear folks, an animal lover never eats animal flesh or consumes anything because of which animals need to be killed.




Animals submerge us into a deluge of love, tenderness and compassion. The only creatures who can shower a plenitude of unconditional love upon stone-hearted humans are animals. Don’t kill them, please! Instead, love them. Even if you can’t, atleast don’t kill them.


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Deceit of Ignorance



We envisage the false

and ignore the reality.

This stubborn brain knits bonds,

giving us the warmth

which has humungous cushions of comfort inside.

Shall I tell you what the hazardous part is?

When this malicious comfort sets in,

brings things to head,

and as it’s been happening previously,

you do not break out of the unseen

layer of warmth,

keep yearning for more warmth,

until when this comfort

suffocates you with intolerable coziness.

It’s not a war between India and Pakistan!



No sooner India’s wickets were toppling down than our breathing was getting heavy, clenching of teeth became tighter and the expectations got shattered. As India’s condition was deteriorating, the atmosphere in many homes grew somber accompanied by unnecessary snorting. We had news anchors preparing their own hitlist, lambasting the Indian players and presenting their own ‘reasons for loss’ which, most of the times, are baseless & undoubtedly absurd. This outrage did not confine itself till here, but, within no time, sprawled across the social media whilst the defeated Indian Team was harshly trolled, criticised and in some posts, disrespected too.








The only question that continues to nag at the back of my mind, which I haven’t found an answer to, is what makes India-Pakistan matches so tense & tight? Perhaps, it’s the plethora of investment of emotions and nationalism that we put in. An India-Pakistan match always seems to lose sportsmanship as we transform it into a global platform to demonstrate our power and take revenge for all the detestable past events and for causing diplomatic tension. Can’t we put patriotism, which is in overabundance, and envy aside in a cricket match?




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What makes Indian Team’s performance in the final untenable is not their own performance, but the way people are reacting to Indian Team’s defeat! Why can’t we stop mentally traumatizing the Indian players? Maybe because we have innately established in us and are establishing in our kids’ minds that the only thing acceptable against Pakistan is nothing less than a win over it. We criticise the Indian players to an extent whose outcome is players getting tormented in their heads. We barely ponder upon the fact that we knowingly or unknowingly make them sink into melancholy. How many of us can actually bear the agonizing pain that a player goes through on being lampooned and disrespected by way of memes, tweets and posts on social media, on witnessing the ruckus caused by a mob surrounding his house, on making his way from the airport through a crowd shouting swear words, on learning that every news channel and newspaper is breaking nothing, but speaking ill of him, on seeing effigies of him being set on fire, on not feeling a firm grasp of a helping hand on his shoulder? So what they fumbled catches, couldn’t make it to the crease on time, didn’t time their shots well, struggled to bowl at a good and an immaculate length, bowled huge wide and no balls, and conceded exorbitant runs?






The pain caused by India’s defeat, that we’re going through, will fade away in a few days, but the mental health and spirits of the players will take a long time to get back to normal. How beautiful it would be if instead of studying the dark side and crying over irrevocable defeat, we all take a plunge into rationality, start appreciating the players’ efforts & dedication, and keep the true spirits of sports alive!

The Peskiest Boomerang



Bunch of old memories

can act like a boomerang.

You throw it, and it ricochets,

hits you hard in the mind,

corrodes your soul,

makes your body ache with despair.

Even the tinniest remnant holds the

potential to make you confront with

a newly-discovered cowardly personality of you.

To intensify the prolonged suffering,

a thick fog of broken promises

hovers with a crooked smile,

making you struggle to make your

way through jam-packed lanes of memories.

You retaliate against the treacherous

demons of memories,

just to realise that in the end,

you are left with nothing but memories,

and there you are again hit by the boomerang.


My Encounter With Animal Abuse

“Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”

– Albert Einstein

Animal cruelty is one of the most barbaric and condemnable demonstrations of ill-perceived notions of ‘superiority’ over animals by humans.

Some months ago, while coming from college to home, I saw the most horrendous incident take place in front of my eyes. There was a cute little puppy basking in the sun with his mother along the roadside. The moment I saw him, the words that immediately came from my mouth were “Aww! So cute!”, and I mumbled it in a childlike accent. I stopped to pet him, for he was very furry. Then I went away. Barely 5 seconds would have passed when I saw a car coming at a speed of 20 Km/hr. The driver blew horn and ran over the puppy. On seeing this, I immediately rushed to the puppy’s rescue and saw that he was moaning out of pain, blood was oozing from his head & neck, and he was slithering on the road that was smeared with blood. The driver was trying to abscond, but I shouted my lungs out and ordered him to get out of his car. Then came this guy cockily with no sign of guilt or nervousness on his ugly face. The conversation went like this -:

Me : Uncle, what have you done?! Couldn’t you see?!
Him : He did not get out of my way.
Me : Why did you run your car over him?!
Him : I honked, but he didn’t get out of my way!
Me : What do you mean?! You’ll kill everything that comes your way?! Couldn’t you use your brain and get out of the car to shoo that puppy away?!

We had an intense spat. That cold-hearted beast wasn’t feeling guilty of his abhorrent act, he was rather saying very haughtily that he blew horn once, but the puppy didn’t move, so he mowed the puppy down. I refrained from giving him a jab in his ribs. Is it very difficult to apply brakes when you’re driving at 20 Km/hr? That person could’ve easily applied brakes, and let me tell you why he didn’t do that. When he saw that the puppy wasn’t bugging off, he didn’t bother to come out of his car because he was too lethargic and careless to come out. He didn’t value that puppy’s life. He knew that if he kills him, people won’t oppose. In India, laws related to cruelty towards animals are not strict, so nobody follows them.

One more thing that adds to my agony is the saddening response that I received from people who were present there. When that pitiless man was getting yelled at by me, people literally crowded the place and nobody came forward in my support. Instead of causing furor, they were finding utter pleasure in the clamour, and didn’t have guts to add their own voice to it. In fact, a lady, who lives in my neighbourhood,was present there and told me, “Leave it. You go home”. Want to know what her profession is? She is an ADVOCATE! When an advocate can’t take a stand and fight against a devilish act like this, then what can we expect from public? I even saw some people giggling as they thought this to be a small incident which I was over exaggerating about. Uncouth demeanor of people has become too ubiquitous these days!

Guys, think about that puppy’s mother! Just imagine how much pain she must have gone through on seeing her baby die so brutally in front of her eyes. She was licking him seconds before he was killed.

Having seen ruthless attitude of people towards animals and nobody objecting to it over the years, people seldom take stand for animals, for they’ve become jaded . The biggest reason why people tend to avoid fighting for these hapless creatures is the simple fact that they want to shun spats as they don’t own the ill-treated animal who was subject to brutal treatment of a miscreant.


Following are some Animal Protection Laws, India -:

1. It is the fundamental duty of every citizen of India to have compassion for all living creatures
2.To kill or maim any animal, including stray animals, is a punishable offence.
3. Abandoning any animal for any reason can land you in prison for up to three months.
4. No animal (including chickens) can be slaughtered in any place other than a slaughterhouse. Sick or pregnant animals shall not be slaughtered.
5. Stray dogs that have been operated for birth control cannot be captured or relocated by anybody including any authority.
6. Neglecting an animal by denying her sufficient food, water, shelter and exercise or by keeping him chained/confined for long hours is punishable by a fine or imprisonment of up to 3 months or both.
7. Monkeys are protected under the Wildlife (Protection)Act, 1972 and cannot be displayed or owned.
8. Bears, monkeys, tigers, panthers, lions and bulls are prohibited from being trained and used for entertainment purposes, either in circuses or streets.
9. Animal sacrifice is illegal in every part of the country.
10. Organizing of or participating in or inciting any animal fight is a cognizable offence.

Following are the reasons why atrocities on animals are increasing -:

  1. Insensitivity and lack of compassion for animals.
  2. Seeing other folks ill-treating animals abet others to do the same.
  3. Having not been opposed by others for uncaring attitude towards animals.
  4. Lack of knowledge of Animal Protection Laws.
  5. Poor implementation of Animal Protection Laws.

Following are the way to curb cruelty towards animals -:

  1. Educating kids – Parents need to educate their kids to make them compassionate towards animals. They may tell them stories of human-animal bonds or take them to a nearby shelter home for animals for donating some useful commodities.
  2. Spreading awareness regarding laws – Instead of just talking, having unproductive discussions and doing nothing, people need to make themselves and others aware of Animal Protection Laws.
  3. Giving considerate treatment to animals – This can be ensured by caring for them, especially for stray dogs – giving food & water, treating their wounds, etc.
  4. Fighting for rights of animals – People need to drop the notion of instances of cruelty towards animals being frivolous. Problem of inhumane treatment towards animals needs to be given as much importance as any other issue.
  5. Reporting the occasion of animal cruelty to the concerned authority – Cases of animal abuse must brought into the notice of police, animal welfare organisations, or one may also seek help from animal rights activists.





Hi, folks! As this is my first blog, I would like to keep it concise and short by encapsulating the reasons why I created a blog. I had been pondering over creating my own blog since a long time, but the main predicament was that I was unable to procure a good idea for writing a blog. Few months back, something, which I think was fortuitous, happened to me. It brought about a change in the way I used to perceive things, especially humans. I call it ‘fortuitous’ because hadn’t that blow struck my life, I wouldn’t have got the motivation that drove me into creating a blog.

     I am just like a pantomath who likes researching  on various topics – renowned personalities, global issues and anything that’s happening around the world. I also like photography from the core of my heart, and I may upload some pictures, albeit not much. If my always-full-of-worries mind is flooded with feelings which need to be shrugged off, I might post my feelings on my blog, for it helps me get rid of unwanted thoughts that disrupt my inner peace. I am looking forward to having an amazing experience writing my blog!